0.5kg Dumbbells | Black


These hand weights combine beautiful workmanship, unique design and sexy aesthetics. Fit for purpose for any workout (especially rebounding), each weight is perfectly balanced and the knurling allows for a firm but gentle grip. 

*Price is for a set of 2 

NOTE: These weights are designer items that need to be utilized with care. If you drop them or they come into contact with another object, they may scratch/chip. But, scratches, blotches, and even surface level rust are common through general wear and tear on these hand-weights. All of this has no impact on the usage and technical aspects of the product. We think it’s even sexier once they have that used grainy look :) Please handle them with care and ensure you wipe them down (dry) after each workout. If you’re concerned with rust then application of linseed oil, found at most hardware stores, is an option but be careful of slippage after application.