4-Weeks Foundation Programme + Neon Bungee + Kit


What do you get in this bundle?
1 X 4-Weeks Foundation Programme
1 X Neon Bungee Studio Pro
1 X Beginners Exercise Kit

4-Weeks Foundation Programme
A 4-week foundational programme that introduces the very basics of rebounding. Introducing the bounti Foundation Programme! This 4-week programme was designed for absolute beginners, the elderly, or anyone coming back from illness or injury, who wants to start with a 2-minute workout that progresses to 20-minute workouts over a 4-week period.

"My guidance during the sessions is really supportive and ensures that you are slowly and carefully immersed in the sensations of rebounding. You will be following me, not the crazy beats of a fast-paced song, because the focus here is coordination, balance, orientation, form, and safety. I want you to slowly and consistently grow your confidence levels over the 4 weeks." - Lisa

The workouts were shot with a support bar or T-bar, but you can do without it. You don’t need much: your rebounder, light dumbbells (0.5kg-1kg), a small resistance loop band, a soft ball…and a great mindset. 

You will be handheld by Lisa throughout the programme, 7 days a week. You may wish to progress from here to the very popular “bounti Beginners 8-week Programme”, or you might want to maintain your Foundation Programme access via a monthly subscription. Either way, if you are looking for an introductory, accessible and fun way to begin a rebounding journey, this is for you.

This is perfect for your parents or grandparents too! Rebounding health benefits for the elderly are extraordinary and they can do it right there at home. 

What You Get

  • 4-week introductory programme with 6-week access to content
  • 1 video workout a day, 7 days a week
  • Weekly introduction videos to outline the week ahead
  • 2-minute workouts that progress to 20-minute workouts

Neon Bungee Studio Pro

This product includes:
1 x Neon Bungee Studio Pro 

Neon Bungee Studio Pro Details:
Height: 32cm
Diameter: 101 cm
Max Weight: 90kg
3 months warranty on the bungee cords
6 months warranty on the frame
6 months warranty on the mat

Because life is more fun in COLOUR! This rebounder is made for the colourful souls out there.

Did you know that this gorgeous rebounder is not only for kids but for adults under 90kgs too?

Life just got more fun, thanks to this fabulous Neon Bungee Studio Pro Rebounder. For women, teens, pre-teens, and kids, the Neon is the ideal exercise tool because it’s easy to use, fun and the build quality stands up to our entire range.

The Neon Bungee Studio Pro Rebounder is made with:

  • Easy-to-attach, durable COLOURFUL bungee cords
  • A wide mat for safe bouncing
  • A well-marked neon safety edge indicator
  • Curved, steel legs for additional support 

Please click here to read the following document before assembling your rebounder

Beginners Exercise Kits

  • 1 x pair 0.5kg black steel weights
  • 1 x Pilates ball grey (25cm)
  • 1 x long bounti blue band
  • 1 x Mini Infinity Bands
NOTE: These weights are designer items that need to be utilized with care. If you drop them or they come into contact with another object, they may scratch/chip. But, scratches, blotches, and even surface level rust are common through general wear and tear on these hand-weights. All of this has no impact on the usage and technical aspects of the product. We think it’s even sexier once they have that used grainy look :) Please handle them with care and ensure you wipe them down (dry) after each workout. If you’re concerned with rust then application of linseed oil, found at most hardware stores, is an option but be careful of slippage after application.