Bungee Studio Bi-Fold


This product includes:
1 x Bungee Studio Bi-Fold

Developed with 20 years of experience and passion for rebounding, our beautiful and arguably most versatile bounti Bungee Studio Bi-Fold Rebounder is lightweight and easy to transport. The bounce on this rebounder is absolutely incredible.

Bungee Studio Bi-Fold Details:
Screw off feet ensures the mat folds flatter than any of our other rebounders.

Interesting note: even though the product is so light and the frame so small…the jumping surface of the bi-fold mat is only second to the Bungee Deluxe - it may be smaller but you don’t sacrifice any jumping surface area.

The Bungee Studio Bi-Fold weighs less than any of our other rebounders making it incredibly easy to transport, and it fits comfortably into our beautifully designed rebounder carry bag. 

In Summary:
The diameter of the rebounder frame:  101cm opened and halved when folded
The diameter of the foldable bungee rebounder mat: 77.5cm
Max weight that it will take: 90kg
This Bungee Weighs: 6.34kg

Warranty on this item is as follows: 
1 year on the frame
3 months on the mat
3 months on the cords

Please click here to read the following document before assembling your rebounder

Bungee Bi-Fold Instruction Video

How to set up your Bungee Studio Bi-Fold

Which Rebounder is for you?

Which Rebounder is for you?