Carry Bag & Foam Mat Bundle


Foam Mat Carry Bag
Introducing the bounti Foam Mat Bag - one sturdy shoulder strap makes this a comfortable ride for the mat, and for well as a great way to keep it stored away.

These bags were made to fit the bounti High-Density Foam Mats that are perfect as a rebounding accessory, for yoga, Pilates, and all the floor work you can imagine! Match your bag to a pair of our Body Kind Leggings for the ultimate workout outfit. Add this to your arsenal of workout-anywhere equipment.

High Density Foam Mat
Having your own workout mat makes your workouts flexible, portable and accessible, and improves your safety and hygiene. Our new High-Density Foam Mat is perfect as a rebounding accessory, for yoga, Pilates, all your floor work, push-ups and squats. It rolls up easily for storage and portability, and the foam really delivers on durability and comfort. We also chose the thickness of this mat to ensure significant impact absorption for your burpees and jump squats, and to give you an added luxurious feel.

High-Density Foam Mat Features:
Superior impact absorption
Ribbed or smooth sides
Carry strap
Easy to clean
Luxurious feel
186 x 68cm