Free 2 Day Trial - Pounce Programme

  • Access to this trial access to the bounti POUNCE Programme starts from the date of purchase unless a start date is explicitly stipulated.
  • Purchasing this zero-rated product will give you access to the first 2 days of the 12 weeks completely FREE.
  • Should you wish to continue post the 2 days you will need to purchase the full Pounce Programme product.
  • This FREE trial can only be used once.
  • Should you wish to purchase the Programme; Use the code "POUNCE100" to get R100 off the Pounce Programme. 
  • Accessories are the Long Foam Roller Mat and Pilates Magic Ring
  • Please note this item does not include a rebounder, if you wish to purchase one, please click HERE


  • This is 2 days of the 12-week bounti POUNCE programme
  • In the complete Programme : 3 sessions a week (60 min workouts)
  • Pounce Instructor - Kendra Blake (UK)

The bounti POUNCE Programme will introduce you to the 10 core principles of Pilates, combining these progressively with the principles and repertoire of rebounding to compliment a full body, low impact, restorative workout routine.

  • Over the course of the 12 weeks, we will focus on one core Pilates Principle per week, with three workouts each week.
  • We will be adding a week specifically focusing on alignment at the start of our program.
  • The programme ends with an integration of all the Principles into a full Pilates workout on the rebounder.
  • Every week we progress, not only from one principle to the next but also the complexity and intensity of the workout routines.

“As I’ve said so many times before, all movement is GOOD movement, provided it heals, and doesn’t harm! Pilates is a well-established and popular form of training that focusses on strengthening the body, with emphasis on core strength. Posture, balance and flexibility are all key principles of Pilates. Taking this beautiful form of movement and combining it with the principles and benefits of rebounding was a no-brainer, as we continue to explore innovative and exciting ways to use your rebounder for every iteration of movement. Adding a rebounder to Pilates gives you SUCH exciting layers in which to build on core strength and restore every area of your body. Welcome to the bounti POUNCE Programme – another bounti first!” – Lisa