“GRIT” Leggings | Black


Leggings that sit and STAY! Everything about rebounding should be non-slip – from your footwear to your headband, your bra, and of course your leggings.

Unruly leggings become especially problematic when you add ankle weights that pull them down further. Suddenly you’re bouncing with a fear of flashing! 

The Body Kind “GRIT" leggings have the thickest, most flattering elasticated waistband. They really will stay in place, even in the most grueling rebounding workout, or any other exercise regime where gravity might work against your gear.

They are also:

  • Matte black
  • Squat-proof
  • And can be dressed up or down!

To help you choose the best size, we recommend that you compare the measurements below with your own. 

Measure around the fullest part of your bottom about 20cm below your natural waist at the top of your legs.


Size Guide Pants Size Hip Measurement
XS 4 - 6 90cm - 93cm
 S 8 - 10 96cm - 99cm
M 12 - 14 104cm - 109cm
L 16 - 18 114cm - 119cm
XL 20 - 22 125cm - 131cm

1. All lengths are based on our standard of 170cm tall
2. Fabrics are compression and have a high lycra content (20%)
3. If in doubt regarding sizing, size up (the fits run tighter)