Stretch Programme & Kit Combo


SAVE by investing in this ideal combo!

You get:
1 x Stretch Programme 

  • A gentle stretch journey from 5 to 30 minutes of stretching with Tertia D.
  • Utilise this programme as a progressive option OR apply the individual stretch sessions to your relevant training regime.
  • Perfect addition to ANY of our bounti Programmes, and absolutely aligned to ALL forms of movement.
  • Access for 6 months from date of purchase (you have immediate access to all 15 stretch sessions)
  • Even the least flexible bodies will learn to become more lithe, to breathe deeper and stretch further. Tertia D will teach you form, breathwork and how to get the most out of your stretches.  

Full, 30-minute stretch sessions are perfect for your rest days, or when you’re feeling sluggish and want to move your body in a gentle way. Some of our stretches also include a desk stretch – ideal for the office – as well as a couch stretch, which is perfect for moving your body during movie breaks or Netflix binges!

*Please note: Not all yoga mats are included. You can choose 1 of the 3 options for your kit

1 x Stretch Kit
Invest in quality basics that make up the ultimate Stretch Kit. These items are applicable to our Stretch Programme, but have multiple uses across our programmes and other exercise regimes.

  • Resistance Band (blue)
  • High-Density Foam Mat