Stretch Webinars with Tertia D


Time: 6pm
Place: Online
Access: Zoom link supplied*

  • The webinars will provide a platform for some in-depth explanation and demonstration of some of the most important tools for effective stretching.
  • The Zoom platform gives Tertia an opportunity to give individual adjustments to participants as well as demonstrate technique and placement and will allow for a short Q&A to address individual concerns.
  • We know that no two bodies are the same, and you are all starting from differing levels of fitness.
  • The first 3 webinars will address breath, posture and warm up which are three of the most important stretching tools to get you going.

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*Please note, these webinars are FREE for all those who have signed up to the Stretch Programme. Please enquire about the necessary promo code by sending an email to