World’s BEST rebounding destination!

13 reasons why we are the best rebounding destination

  1. Our wide variety of awesome rebounders means we have a rebounder that fits you and your lifestyle.
  2. We have over 20 years experience in wellness.
  3. We manufacture our bounti Studio Deluxe rebounder ourselves.
  4. Our bounti Studio Deluxe rebounder we consider the best rebounder in the world - it incorporates all our learnings and wants over many years of R&D.
  5. Our rebounding instructors (we consider them the best in the world) offer you the most diverse and best rebounding workouts.
  6. Our rebounding routines are the best in the world; they amalgamate exercise science into each routine to ensure a full body and balanced workout.
  7. Our rebounding instructors courses are the best and most comprehensive in the world.
  8. Our bountiVault (to be launched soon) is the largest repository of rebounding workouts (various lengths, styles, etc.) in the world.
  9. Our Foundation, Beginners, Reset, Beats rebounding Programmes are unmatched
  10. We are the first in the world to integrate Pilates (POUNCE Programme) and Yoga (BOGA Programme) with rebounding. The bounti HIIT Programme will be the first high intensity interval training Programme in the world. bounti KIDS journeys are considered to be the leading children’s rebounding exercise routines.
  11. We offer uniquely designed and made active-wear purpose-manufactured for rebounding.
  12. We are the first in the world to combine DNA testing and dietetics consultations with rebounding - the resultant is an end-to-end proven wellness solution.
  13. Lisa Raleigh, our Founder, is considered one of the best rebounding experts in the world. 

Our Story

Lisa Raleigh has been a fitness & health specialist for more than 20 years. She's an entrepreneur with one of the largest wellness ecommerce stores in South Africa and her "bounti" business is the largest rebounding supplier in the country, with a growing global footprint. Her online class library of rebounding workouts is one of the largest in the world and her "bounti instructor" programme has trained and certified rebounding trainers globally.