what is bounti?

Here are our 10 key product and service philosophies:

  1. bounti rebounders: unmatched build quality, customer support, spares/repairs, and range of options.
  2. Professional journeys, easily accessible workouts and curated programmes: a rebounder, no matter how amazing, is useless without exercise routines to help you from the foundation, beginner to expert level. You also need access to workouts; online, streamed, or downloadable from wherever you are.
  3. There’s more to the story than just exercise (no matter how amazing it may be): data driven advice and guidance on living a sustainably healthy lifestyle completes the circle.
  4. Sweating can be done whilst being stylish and looking and feeling beautiful: fitness equipment and athleisure provide canvases to express and celebrate femininity, strength and beauty.
  5. You can make it a living: the world’s best rebounding course(s) and certifications for training instructors to offer classes wherever you are located.
  6. Customer service: we don’t have customers, we have family members.
  7. Co-creativity: we design and develop within our ecosystem, and not just for our ecosystem.
  8. Purpose driven: positively impact 1 million lives within the next 36 months, a vision that began in May 2021.
  9. Relatable stories & authenticity: nothing is sold or offered without it having a genuine narrative, evidence-based value proposition that resonates with the entire team, and is never related to so-called competition.
  10. Inspire: celebrate and showcase transformations.