For every single one of our trainers, rebounding aligns with their individual purpose, passion and conviction. All of them have such unique ways of expressing themselves in their classes. We’ve meticulously handpicked the best-of-the-best to form the greatest derivative of rebounding in the world.

We have so many different styles and preferences of rebounding exercise - at least one for every age, stage, fitness level and personality. Take your pick of one –  or more – styles, find one that suits you best and learn more about each of our committed, enthusiastic instructors in the process!

We offer a wide variety of workout approaches because we know that enjoyment equals consistency. Hopefully you, just like our trainers, can find a rebounding style that allows you to express yourself as authentically as possible on your wellness journey.

Build strength, burn calories and bounce your way to your dream body… in YOUR way, with bounti.

Bounce with us live, online - completely for free - HERE.

Why rebounding?

Rebounding is more than just a workout. It offers an incredible health boost for the whole system. It supports the body’s natural detox processes, boosts circulation (therefore reducing cellulite), builds a strong core and tones incredibly.

The workouts of each class vary to prevent boredom. Each one is designed to help you build strength, burn fat and calories, and detox –  all while having fun. You can't help but smile every time you bounce!

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What will I need?

No matter where you are, in order to bounce with us, you will need:

  • Your own high-quality, bounti Rebounder
  • A relatively spacious designated space for you to bounce (away from obstructions like low ceilings, hanging lights, glass tables or sharp objects)
  • Decent Wi-Fi coverage/signal
  • Speaker (to stream the music for ideal sound)
  • Water bottle
  • Sweat towel

Who are our instructors and what classes do we offer?

Lisa Raleigh – bounti founder

Lisa's rebounding journey

"I've been an exercise specialist for around 20 years and I love what I do. Since becoming a mom, I discovered the true power of rebounding – an exercise modality I'm truly passionate about. Rebounding has changed my life in so many ways. It’s made me fitter, stronger, healthier and happier.

Although I’ve always used a rebounder as part of my workouts, it was only after having my daughter, Bella, that I discovered what a miracle exercise it truly is – I began to bounce most days of the week. Just a few minutes per day helped me to regain strength in my core and pelvic floor. I lost my baby weight with minimal effort, and worked muscles I didn’t even know I had!

I felt healthier and more energised than I had in years (even in the throes of sleep deprivation with a new baby). In all of my years of experience as a wellness expert, I can honestly say that rebounding offers one of the most effective, full-body workouts, because it works every single cell and muscle in your body. 

Rebounding continues to inspire me in more ways than one, which is why I started to develop my own series of safe, fun and challenging rebounding workouts. I used to be such an avid runner – but I also used to be injured, inflamed or sore, at the very least, as a result. Rebounding is the only exercise that I can do once a day, sometimes more, that doesn’t hurt my body. It truly is the exercise that heals, not harms. 

The most rewarding aspect of what I do is that it doesn’t only benefit me. Every day, I get to hear the most amazing testimonials about how rebounding has changed the lives of so many other people out there. Join the bounti community, and get motivated with great music, exciting workouts and excellent results!"

Lisa's rebounding classes

"As the founder of South Africa’s leading premium rebounding brand, I would host just about any kind of bounti class. When I formulate a rebounding class, I’m driven by results, creative choreography, exciting playlists and equipment, that deliver the purest version of a bounti class. I would say that my classes are uplifting, progressive and full of great energy!

I offer bounti HIIT classes, which are for those at a more advanced level of fitness. HIIT training includes cycles of high-intensity work and recovery. It’s long been a gym favourite due to its interactive and challenging nature. It can be hard on the joints and jarring to the body, but that’s where bounti comes to save the day! 

The main benefit of adding a rebounder to HIIT is, while the workout is at a super high-intensity – you can reach peak heart rate numbers – it's also incredibly low-impact. All of the tension and strain on your joints is absorbed by the mat of the rebounder. That means you can really push yourself, while still protecting and preserving your body’s mobility.

These high-intensity classes include a vigorous and high-energy 36-minute session where we train hard and fast. These rebounding classes offer all the benefits of HIIT training, minus the associated injury risk!

I also offer bounti FLOW classes - a personal favourite of mine. FLOW is a cardio-focused rebounding class, that teaches you a sequence, first done separately on the right side of your body, then on the left. Both sides are then seamlessly pieced together in the grand finale. There is also a bit of strength training, mainly core work, included half-way through each workout.

Not only are these 60-minute FLOW workouts, super fun - focussing primarily on co-ordination, memory and cardiovascular endurance - they can also be quite challenging to master, so be sure to maintain your concentration, bring your A-game and persevere until you get it right!

Rebounding has truly changed my life and my health holistically, and I love witnessing the same in other people. Join me, and start bouncing to reap the same benefits."


Steph’s rebounding journey

"I’ve always had such a passion for ballet and movement – I decided that the happy medium between the two for me is Pilates. I was first introduced to rebounding when a friend of mine invited me to one of Lisa’s classes. Initially, I was a bit sceptical about the idea of bouncing, but I’m quite an active person so I thought “why not?” – and wow!

Up until that point I considered myself quite fit, but rebounding is just something else. It’s so much more intense than other forms of training, and I absolutely loved it. After a while of doing Lisa’s classes from home, I realised that I actually wanted to be an instructor and the rest is history!

My favourite thing about rebounding is definitely the mindfulness aspect of it. While you’re training, you find yourself so focused on what you’re doing, and so ‘in the zone’, that you’re able to be truly mindful and fully present in the moment, which is amazing for your mental health! It’s such an all-encompassing workout modality that makes exercise fun and brings real, sustainable results, no matter your level of fitness."

Steph’s classes

"My bounti SCULPT classes have more of a Pilates feel to them, with a sprinkle of some barre principles and movements in each session. Obviously, we still have the cardio and strength elements, but I love to bring in the elements of control, balance, mobility, core work and alignment – I really value focusing on good technique.

My classes are between 55 and 60 minutes long, and vary from intermediate to advanced levels. I incorporate movements both on and off the rebounder to create a more dynamic session. Controlled movements are also used a lot to effectively activate and recruit a variety of muscles, focussing on lengthening and toning. 

My classes ensure building a level of muscle endurance and stability, working to strengthen and challenge your entire body. 

Music selection is definitely my favourite part of planning a class, and generally determines each session’s look and feel. My song choice is usually upbeat and modern, with some club classics and new releases, but you’ll also find snippets of golden oldies not heard in ages. There’s always something for everyone!

I plan each class meticulously to ensure that you always feel challenged and can expect something new. Join me for a high-energy session that will definitely leave you feeling worked out!"

Lisa G.

Lisa G.’s rebounding journey

"I’ve been close friends with Lisa Raleigh for years. When I met her a while ago, I landed up buying a Spring rebounder. When I started rebounding, it slowly started to change my way of being. 

I had been rebounding for a while, but it was during the first heavy lockdown that I really started getting into it. Every day, without fail, I was up and online, bouncing with Lisa. I really started to feel a shift, not only in my strength, fitness and core, but in my mind as well. As someone with two left feet, I must say that rebounding has also really improved my coordination! 

Rebounding is a modality that just makes me so happy and allows me to express myself – talk about an endorphin overload! My favourite part about it is that it’s low impact, meaning that it reduces injury risk and joint and muscle pain. From my experience, it’s the best form of training for a full-body workout AND detox. The way rebounding has made me feel, inspired me so much that I decided to totally step out of my comfort zone and become a bounti instructor. I’m so glad that I did, because I haven’t looked back since!"

Lisa G.’s classes

"Before rebounding, my workout routine focussed a lot on strength, personal training and HIIT, so that’s what my bounti classes bring to the table. My classes are around 50 minutes long for those at an intermediate level of rebounding fitness.

They consist of a variety of different strength training and toning exercises, focussing on the conscious and mindful movement of the body. I tend to focus a lot on breathing and targeting each muscle group. My sessions are where strength, endurance and hard work meet mindfulness and spirituality.

I am very conscious about moving the body in connection with the mind. Join me in creating a little magic with each bounti class!"

Tertia D.

Tertia’s rebounding journey

"I love movement and always have. I’ve been active since I was 3-years-old in a community ballet class in my hometown, Eldorado Park in South Africa, and was also very sporty at school. I studied dance, and it’s been my entire career since then. I was a traveling dancer for around 8 years, and I’m constantly inspired by the different cultures and music I was exposed to throughout that time.

While I was studying, I would exercise with a personal trainer, because – even though my primary passion is dance – I’ve always been extremely passionate about fitness as well. 

Before rebounding, I thought I had to live at the gym in order to maintain my physique and manage my weight. With rebounding, I’m able to keep fit and supple, while staying injury-free. The best part? I can eat whatever I want without feeling like I’m losing my progress!

My favourite thing about rebounding is that it’s low-impact. As a dancer, I’ve always valued taking care of my body and, with rebounding, I can train as often and as hard as I want without the wear and tear.

What drew me to the bounti brand was the fact that we share the common vision of helping others by getting them to move! I believe that rebounding is the best modality to get anyone up and active."

Tertia’s classes

"My bounti Beat & Burn classes are where rebounding, fitness and dance collide in a fun, high-energy and rhythmical way. For intermediate to advanced rebounders, my 60 minute classes are all about the music, with reps and sets all done to the tempo and beat. Whether you’re a musical theatre babe or a hardcore hip-hopper, I’ve got the right playlist for you!

These classes focus on musicality and coordination, while still providing a well-rounded workout that includes all the classic elements of rebounding, like balance, strength and toning. I also like to include 2 to 3 songs of choreographed routines, so you’ll definitely end my sessions having learned a few new moves.

For all my busy bees out there, I also offer bounti Swift classes. These classes are higher intensity, full-body workouts that are condensed into 30 to 35 minute sessions for busy people who need a full-body workout, but don’t have the time to participate in an hour-long class.

These classes are at an intermediate to advanced level, and include all the fundamental elements of a good rebounding workout in a way that is time-efficient and convenient. So, if you’re a busy mom or a workaholic looking to squeeze in some healthy habits, bounti Swift is for you!"


Cait’s rebounding journey

"I’m a trained actress, singer and dancer with much experience working in musical theatre and the entertainment industry.

To stay fit, I used to be a runner, but it gave me such sore feet. When I discovered rebounding, it was love at first bounce! Not only did the soreness in my feet go away, but it managed to improve my overall fitness, strength and muscle tone.

I have a fiery passion for teaching children. I believe in spreading my knowledge and expertise to the youth of today – after all, they are the future. So, I joined bounti to expand on the bounti Kids offering.

For me, bounti managed to blend rebounding with my other passions – kids and performing! I’m now a performer, teacher AND the youngest bounti instructor on the Lisa Raleigh team. Besides the fact that it’s so incredible for your health, rebounding is the one exercise modality that is ALWAYS fun and can be tailored to benefit any age, gender, ability and fitness level."

Cait’s classes

"I offer fun-filled bounti Family classes for the kiddies and their families! These classes are age-appropriate and aligned with your child’s developmental milestones.

I bring a youthful, trendy and hip air to my bounti classes. I enjoy relating to the youth, as well as teaching and entertaining them. I would describe my classes as fun, energetic and quirky!

These kid-friendly classes focus on the development of gross fine motor skills, including cognition and language development! They are exciting, creative and incredible for your child’s physical development. 

These classes enable your kids to have fun, while improving their:

  • Laterality
  • Directionality
  • Midline crossing
  • Dynamic and static balance
  • Rhythm, sequencing and timing
  • Strength & core strength
  • Flexibility

Come bounce with me for some family-friendly fun!"


Meg’s rebounding journey

"One of my passions, and one of the things I’ve always loved learning more about, is early childhood development. My passion in life has always been kids – I was an au pair for Lisa’s daughter, Bella, while studying and I eventually became a teacher.

My passion for rebounding started when Lisa gifted me a rebounder. I initially fell in love with it by using it to come up with dance routines as part of my ‘me time’. I also saw what it could do for Bella – I believe that physical exercise for kids is so, so important!

Rebounding made it so much easier for me to ensure that Bella was physically active every day, especially on rainy and/or cold days when going outdoors wasn’t the best option. It also improved her balance, coordination and other aspects of her physical development. 

So many kids these days, especially with all the Covid lockdowns, don’t get nearly as much stimulation and physical activity as they should – rebounding is something I believe can solve this problem.

I often think about all the kids out there, especially the ones with special needs or conditions, and how I’d love to use rebounding to brighten their days and help them to stay healthy, happy and active."

Meg’s classes

"Although my main passion is helping kids, I also love having some fun ‘me time’. That’s where my passion for Afro Fusion comes in. For the adults out there, I bring you an amazing class that keeps rebounding sexy with a hint of subtle. Afro Fusion will challenge your alter ego and requires a lot of hip action, so don’t be shy!

Afro Fusion classes are for those at an intermediate level, and cover all the bases. There’s a bit of dancing, some strength, abs for balance and a lot of laughing. Above all, Afro Fusion is tons of fun. This funky, versatile class is so much fun that you’ll forget you’re actually having a workout."

When can I do a class, and how do I book?

We offer around 11 rebounding classes every week, for every age and fitness level. Click HERE to check out our class timetable!

To join our brilliant bounti instructors live and online, please email, and we will send you the Zoom links. 

We can't wait to bounce with you!