bounti BODY

The bounti BODY Programme
FINALLY the rebounding programme for TEENAGERS!

  • Designed for teenagers; applicable for 10 to 18 year olds.
  • 8 week progressive online streamed rebounding programme.
  • Hosted by Cait our amazing qualified rebounding instructor.
  • Takes teens from 15 mins per workout to 45 mins over the duration.
  • Super cool choreography & trendy (clean) music.
  • Programme and accessories listed below.
  • Please read our BLOG post which provides the background, origination and context for bounti BODY (a MUST-READ for all parents out there)
  • See the short word to parents from Lisa herself and a video interview with her family below...

"Teens, their physical health, and body positivity is a subject that is SO close to my heart. I’m SO excited to launch this teen-focused bounti BODY Programme.

As stepmom to an 18 & 21-year-old, and through all the work that I’ve done with clients over more than 20 years, I know that issues around body image can be utterly devastating if not managed correctly, with empathy and realistic support. Shaming children into being more active, losing weight or changing their eating habits can have exactly the opposite of your desired outcome. Even with the best intentions, we can get this really wrong!

So many teens just aren’t cut out for team sport, a lot of smaller schools don’t offer it, and their reliance on screens for both education and entertainment has resulted in more hours each day where they just aren’t moving!

Rebounding within a programme, like bounti BODY, allows your teen to workout within the privacy of their own bedroom, and to progress with 5 workouts each week, at a time of day that suits them.

Over the past 18 months teens in particular have been toppled by the uncertainty of the world. They have missed out on big events like Matric dances, and campus life is not the same for many students, who are still learning online or partially in lectures. bounti BODY is our way of inviting teens to bounce it off, find a fun new way of moving, and improve their mental and physical health through this journey.

From my family to yours, much love and support through the teen parenting years. We truly hope that this programme resonates with your beautiful, unique teens. Love, Lisa"

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