Another bounti-FIRST Programme launch … POUNCE! Pounce is ‘Pilates’ with a ‘bounce’ – your perfect mix of rebounding and Pilates.

See below for access to the programme, 2-day free trial, and related equipment.

Click HERE for our blog post extensively outlining bounti POUNCE.
Click HERE to watch the video of Lisa describing bounti POUNCE.

Key aspects of the bounti POUNCE Programme :

  • 12-week Programme incorporating the 10 core principles of Pilates on a rebounder...progressively, so that by the end, you’re able to do a holistic, full-body Pilates workout.
  • The integration of this CHALLENGING, yet low-intensity, training modality, with rebounding as a miracle exercise, wholeheartedly aligns with bounti’s philosophy of exercise that heals, not harms.
  • The Pilates aspect allows you to strengthen your body with extra emphasis on your core, posture, balance and flexibility.
  • We’re offering a 2-day FREE trial of bounti POUNCE, so you can try it before you buy.
  • Whether you’re a rebounding fanatic looking to expand your field of practice, a Pilates enthusiast looking for an alternate modality that incorporates your passion, or a newbie to both just looking to try something new, bounti POUNCE is the perfect programme for you!

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