12-Week bounti BEAT Programme


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Presenting, the bounti BEAT programme with Tertia D!
Are you looking for a completely uplifting, challenging, totally guided 12-week programme that centres on all the principles of rebounding, combined with the expression of dancing? You’ve been loving the bounti BEAT classes, so here’s something brand new to challenge you!

36 bounti BEAT workouts over 12 weeks, each 55 minutes to an hour. Balanced workout routines that build to the ultimate performance!

Your amazing bounti instructor, Tertia D, will take you through a programme that builds week by week to complete the choreography of 20 songs. Just like dance classes, layer by layer. With each class, you add a little more detail.

The classes will incorporate all the traditional toning, core and stability elements. Functional equipment will include ankle weights, silicone wrist weights, bars, dumbbells and normal bounti BEAT accessories. Classes will include a warm-up, cool down and stretch.

Tertia D will present bonus videos that include safety information, stretch routines and a week intro at the beginning of each week.

By the end of 12 weeks, the dance moves come together with the completion of 20 choreographed songs, from start to finish. The final class is like a concert, a 1hr 15 minutes marathon class with all you have learned.

Ready to step out on stage, from the comfort of your own home? Sign up for the 12-week bounti BEAT Programme! 5… 6… 7… 8!! 

WATCH: Screen recording of the bounti BEAT Programme