12-Week Re-Set Programme


The ultimate, goal-oriented reset programme, combining rebounding and a delicious, nutritious diet overhaul. This is transformation at its most exciting!

“Bad habits can be hard to break, because we are all creatures of habit and patterning. The good news is that the opposite is also true; good habits and fresh new patterns can become part of your everyday mindset, particularly when you start to feel all the positive benefits of healthy, happy living. We understand that so many of you are facing health and lifestyle challenges due to working from home, fears related to the pandemic, and many are recovering from this virus. Let’s get you back on track and in the best condition you’ve ever been in! This is the ultimate reset programme, complete with varied workouts and incredible new recipes developed by our registered dietician Louise, and bounti chef, Tamsyn. The "bounti Reset Programme" takes you through 12 weeks of transformation - looking and feeling incredible! What are you waiting for? Here’s your giant reset button to turn it all around.” – Lisa

What You Get:

Online workouts hosted by Lisa Raleigh and variations by our team of rebounding instructors.

  • FOMO Rebounding Classes x 24 (2 per week)
  • Class Style Rebounding Workouts x 12 (1 per week)
  • "Moxie" Body Weight Workouts alternating arm and leg focus x 24 (2 per week)
  • Stretch Routines x 4 (upfront, to repeat throughout the challenge)

*See workout descriptions below

Eating plan
A Mediterranean or plant-based eating plan with calorie adjustment guidelines based on your profile. The emphasis is on EASY-to-shop ingredients and EASY-to-prepare meals. You do not have to be a qualified chef to nail any of the recipes.

  • New recipes developed by our team of experts that any of you will be able to prepare (we promise they will be easy irrespective of your cooking skills).
  • 4-week menu plan (repeated x 3) with all recipes.
  • How-to videos and images to guide you all the way.

Added Tools 
We are producing some super simple, easy to use guidelines and downloads to assist you in counting calories, understanding the benefits of plant-based eating, and working out optimal intakes for your profile. We will send these tools, PDFs and plans to you via Kijabi (our simple e-learning platform to be explained when you join) or on the WhatsApp group. Our chef, our dietician and Lisa Raleigh herself have developed these tools for you.

Timing & Access

The “bounti Reset Programme” begins when you click the link, and you will have access for the 12 weeks + 1 month of extra time. 

All eating plans and recipes will be downloadable, while exercise content will be made available through an online portal.

What You Need
The various workouts that you’ll have access to for the duration of the programme will require various kinds of equipment. We will supply you with discount codes so that all of the items can be purchased at preferential pricing.

Required: Rebounder, ball, band, weights

Optional but recommended: Body bar, ankle weights, wrist weights, infinity resistance bands

*Workout Descriptions

  • FOMOs: fear of missing out - we record Lisa’s popular, live classes and upload them so that no one has to miss another workout. These are done in a class environment. Filmed in the studio. We do recommend an external speaker as sound quality is not 100%.
  • bounti BEAT: fun dance style workout with Tertia D. Tertia D’s classes are recorded and uploaded. We do recommend an external speaker as sound quality is not 100%.
  • Class-style workouts: high quality, filmed and edited workouts. Like our FOMO workouts but shot with the best camera so the quality and editing is amazing.
  • Moxie: workouts done with equipment using no rebounder. Functional, varied, focusing on different body zones. Accessible, zero-excuse workouts!
  • Stretch workouts with Tertia D: stretches to be repeated on your off days.


WATCH: Screen recording of the bounti Re-Set Programme