bounti GLO Programme | Intermediate


This programme includes: 10 x Intermediate bounti GLO Workouts
Access period: 4 months from date of purchase

Please Note: Some workouts within this programme contain music with explicit language and lyrical content. Parental guidance is advised.

Before choosing to do the Intermediate bounti GLO Programme, we strongly suggest that you do this programme at its beginner level FIRST.

Introducing the Intermediate bounti GLO Programme, the next step on your progressive and transformative rebounding fitness journey, specially targeted towards ladies aged in their late 50s and 60s! bounti GLO is brought to you by phenomenal bounti instructor and rebounding advocate, Silvia Miles.

GLO stands for “Gorgeous Ladies Owning”, and is all about ladies of this age group, who are going through challenging life changes, taking back control and empowering themselves through optimising their wellness and quality of life well into their older years!

The Intermediate bounti GLO Programme includes exercises and techniques that build on the learnings of the Beginner bounti GLO Programme. It increases the intensity and difficulty, with the introduction of more complicated movements and exercises.

As you start to get fitter, you will be able to cope with a faster bounce and increased mobility, so Silvia picks up the pace. The base playlist is the same as the beginner-level workouts; however, Silvia also introduces new songs, some of which have a faster rate of beats per minute (BPM).

The workouts included at this intermediate level are each approximately 30 minutes in duration. They include a warm-up at the beginning, a cool-down at the end, and a longer workout session in the middle, which should progress and challenge you appropriately, if you have done all the beginner workouts a couple of times.

Now that you are beginning to grow fitter and stronger, with the basics mastered, Silvia also starts to introduce some more equipment. For this phase of the programme, you will need: 

  • Light dumbbells (1 or 1.5kgs, depending on what is most suitable for you)
  • A set of heavier dumbbells (3kgs, or whichever heavier weight is most suitable for you)
  • Wrist weights at 500g each (optional at this stage)
  • Ankle Weights (also optional at this stage)
  • Body Bar, at a weight that is suitable and manageable for you
  • Small Halo or Ring-Shaped Weight (at approximately 2-3kgs)
  • Mini Pilates Ball

What to expect from each of the 10 workouts:

  • Workouts 1 to 3 - “Basic Workouts”: Full-body sessions, with a contemporary sound track.
  • Workouts 4 to 6 - “Core Workouts”: Heavier weights are introduced, and a lot of attention is given to building core strength. The music takes you back to the 70s and 80s, so they bring should back a lot of fond memories and nostalgia!
  • Workouts 7 to 9 - “Cardio Plus Workouts”: Focus on building cardio fitness. These workouts will make you sweat, with the music being more fast-paced and modern.
  • Workout 10 - “bounti Favourites”: Includes all of Silvia’s favourite moves and songs!

Keen to improve your strength and fitness? bounti GLO is the way to go, ensuring your golden years are filled with vibrancy, vivaciousness and vitality!