bounti x JumpSport 350F Rebounder + Life of bounti Subscription


This product includes:
1 x JumpSport 350F Rebounder
8 weeks of FREE access to the Life of bounti Subscription (worth £54)

Experience the thrill of an unparalleled rebounding workout with the bounti x JumpSport 350F Rebounder. Crafted to perfection, this top-of-the-range rebounder is one of the best in the world; combining innovation and durability to elevate your fitness journey to new heights. Its features include the following:

  • Enjoy peace of mind with our lifetime warranty on this rebounder’s frame and legs, a 3-year warranty on its cords and mat (for private use), and a 1-year warranty on all of its other components, ensuring that your investment is protected for the long haul!
  • It’s the ultimate travel rebounder, and is 100% portable with its high-gloss, 99cm, silver half-fold frame
  • Stands tall with a height of 32cm and weighs 10kgs, providing ample support and stability during your most intense workouts
  • Ensures maximum safety and security, with its super strong and stable arched legs
  • Has a 6cm enhanced-skirt mat, allowing ample space of 83cm for dynamic exercises and routines, encouraging unrestricted movement and creativity
  • With its 30 x 3-knot adjustable tension cords, you can customise your bounce with multiple settings on all 30 cords, ranging from a soft, gentle bounce to an extra-firm, high-intensity experience
  • Guarantees the long-lasting resilience of 800 000 bounce cycles and endures performance for your everyday fitness needs
  • Supports a wide range of body types, with a generous weight limit of up to 125kgs, making it suitable for various fitness enthusiasts
  • Effortlessly folds for convenient storage, allowing you to save space and keep your surroundings clutter-free
  • Comes with a rebounder leg storage bag included, so you can keep your space organised with the specially designed pouch for easy and hassle-free storage

Benefits of this rebounder include the following:

  • Its portability is totally unmatched – you can effortlessly store and transport the 350F Rebounder, making it the perfect fitness solution for any space-conscious individual
  • It gives you a personalised bouncing experience, where you can enjoy a workout tailored to your preferences; ranging from a softer bounce for a more relaxed session to a firmer bounce for intense, calorie-burning workouts
  • The 350F Rebounder's robust construction and superior build quality ensures longevity and unmatched performance, making it your trusted fitness partner for years to come!
  • The arched legs provide stability for various exercises, enabling you to explore a wide range of fitness routines with confidence and ease
  • With an expanded jumping area and adaptable bounce settings, the 350F Rebounder allows you to experiment with different exercises and routines, enhancing your fitness experience
  • Enjoy enhanced, premium comfort during extended workouts, as this rebounder provides a luxurious feel

We’ve bundled this premium-quality rebounder with 2 months of FREE access to our “Life of bounti” Subscription Service (worth £54). This Subscription is the largest repository of rebounding workouts in the world, where you gain unlimited, all-you-can-eat access to:

  • bounti's entire library of rebounding programmes, including options for all fitness levels, ages and stages, some of which are progressive and world-first options
  • A selection of 20 new, standalone class-style rebounding “FOMO” workouts per month, from bounti’s various trainers and each of their unique rebounding class styles
  • bounti’s Exercise Snack Library, which includes a selection of 30 new short, bite-sized rebounding sessions per month, ranging from 1 to 10 minutes in duration
  • Our entire library of wellness webinars, where we unpack the world of health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition in-depth. Dive deep into these dynamic 1.5 to 2-hour video sessions, each meticulously tailored to a specific wellness theme!

Take your fitness journey to new heights with the bounti x JumpSport 350F Rebounder, bundled with 2 months of complimentary access to our value-packed Life of bounti Subscription. Experience the ultimate blend of performance, versatility, and unrivalled quality, all in one dynamic package!