Level Up Programme

  • Day 1: A balanced, 50-minute lower-body workout, focussing on the detail of the legs.
  • Day 2: Flow workout, including basic moves done in a sequence, broken up into 3 parts first done with the right side of your body, then 3 parts done on your left, and eventually both sides of the body combined. Enjoy stamina at its best with this 45-minute workout!
  • Day 3: A balanced, 50-minute upper-body workout, focussing on the detail of the arms.
  • Day 4: A 60-minute, full-body workout that includes a combination of legs, flow, arms and incorporates the core.

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This is great step-up for those that have already done the bounti Beginners Programme and/or the bounti Intermediate Programme. See all our Programmes and journey HERE.

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The bounti LEVEL UP Programme really adds another dimension to your rebounding workouts provided that you’ve already established a substantial foundation of rebounding fitness. If you’ve plateaued in your fitness or results, this programme is the one for you! Our bodies are masters at adaptation, so doing too much of the same won’t continue bringing you the results you want. 

bounti LEVEL UP...

  • Switches it up every day to keep your body guessing
  • Constantly challenges you
  • Helps you see consistent results and progress
  • Will build & boost your metabolism (due to increased lean muscle tissue)
  • Improves your overall coordination, strength & physical toning
  • Greatly enhance your cardiovascular fitness

Watch Lisa Raleigh explaining the programme here
Watch screen recordings of the LEVEL UP programme here