We all know how important exercise is for our overall mental and physical health. This is especially true for children, as they are still growing and developing. Exercise for kids is an incredibly important part of a foundation for good health.

According to international guidelines, every child who can walk unaided should be active for at least 180 minutes a day, with ‘energetic’ play accounting for about 60 minutes of this, spread throughout the day. By ‘energetic’ play, I’m talking about activities such as rebounding, climbing, running, jumping or skipping, playing with a ball or swimming.

Rebounding is my absolute favourite exercise because it’s fun and incredibly good for you. One of the most amazing things about rebounding is that it’s incredibly beneficial for all age groups, which obviously includes kids!

What is bounti Kids?

If you’re looking to get your little one moving and rebounding, the bounti Kids programme is your perfect solution!

The bounti Kids programme is aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 6 years old, and is designed to incorporate all the fundamental movement skill areas that children of this age need to develop in preparation for school and further academic and physical activities.

This amazing programme includes three differently themed journeys to keep your child engaged, entertained and active:

The fun and catchy tunes, provided by Music 4 Minis, makes the bounti Kids programme enjoyable and age appropriate. Click here to purchase a bundle with all 3 journeys!

What are the benefits of rebounding for kids?

Rebounding is so amazing for developing physical and mental skills in young kids. It not only improves core strength, balance, co-ordination and spatial awareness, but is also a great way to get your child physically active while they’re learning too!

Rebounding also improves your child's:

  • Laterality
  • Directionality
  • Midline crossing
  • Dynamic and static balance
  • Gross and fine co-ordination
  • Rhythm, sequencing and timing
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Strength
  • Flexibility

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Mental benefits for little minds

We all know that mental health is just as important as physical health – luckily, rebounding is good for both! Bouncing skilfully and following the workouts reduces kids’ stress levels by allowing them to focus their minds and be fully present.

Bouncing improves mental function! It aids the development of vision, visual-motor skills, hearing and auditory-motor skills. Rebounding also develops children’s body awareness by helping children learn and understand how their different body parts move, as well as where they are in space and which direction they’re moving in.

It’s also a great way to have fun –  the increased oxygen circulation stimulates the body’s natural release of endorphins. This helps kids to feel happier and more at ease, especially if they’re unwinding after a busy day at school. Rebounding can, therefore, help to reduce the overall stress levels in your home – not only for the grown-ups!

Bouncing wins in the screen battle

In our increasingly technology-driven society, we are all guilty of allowing our kids one too many hours of screen time. However, having a rebounder and kiddies workouts at home is a super convenient alternative to letting the little ones spend hours in front of the TV.

One of the best things about bounti Kids is that they can enjoy playing at home! You don’t have to head out or do a paid activity. If they’re a little bit older, you can even get on with other things while they’re occupied on their bouncing journeys. Rebounding can even become a fun family activity to do over the weekend or during the holidays – get everyone involved!

Fun in the sun

The next step from getting them away from the screens is getting them outdoors. Rebounders are portable! This means that rebounding outside can be an effective tool to get your kids some more sunshine and fresh air.

If they’re rebounding outside and getting exposure to sunlight, an added benefit of rebounding for your kids is increased vitamin D! This protects children from future bone problems as well as improving their immune system, muscle function, cardiovascular function, respiration and brain development. Vitamin D even has cancer-fighting benefits!

Helps with school

Bouncing can have a positive effect on children’s behaviour and impulse control, which is particularly beneficial for their social interaction with other little ones in the school environment.  

Bouncing has been shown to have a positive influence on academic success. Rebounding before school or homework assists in improving kids’ concentration and focus. It improves core strength and posture, which is vital for kids who need to be able to sit for extended periods of time in the classroom without their concentration being affected by difficulties with body control.

The improved circulation of oxygen to children’s brains can also help to make them feel more alert and refreshed and improve concentration and memory.

It’s good for their little bodies

  1. Improves physical fitness

10 minutes of rebounding has been found to be equally as effective as 30 minutes of running. This means that it is an amazing way to increase your child’s fitness from a young age. Bouncing is also a fun way for your kids to maintain a healthy weight, while also preventing lifestyle issues, like childhood obesity. Obesity among children is becoming an increasingly concerning issue - luckily, rebounding can help!

  1. Improves their skills

Because rebounding involves controlling different limbs and muscles simultaneously, it can also improve your child’s co-ordination.

The simultaneous use of both sides of the body can improve kids’ bilateral motor skills, which also adds to improved co-ordination, as well as better muscle control, balance, dexterity and kinaesthetic awareness.

  1. Strengthens muscles and joints

Not only does it strengthen the muscles around children’s joints, rebounding also strengthens the muscles around their spine. This, combined with the fact that it also increases their core strength, means rebounding also improves their posture.

  1. It builds a strong core

 Rebounding is one of the best exercises to stabilise the core muscles as it also improves balance and coordination. It’s a full body exercise, which means that a single jump uses all the large, major muscle groups

  1. Strengthens bones

 The act of bouncing on a trampoline helps to strengthen the musculoskeletal system and increases bone density, giving kids stronger bones. This also helps to prevent serious health issues such as osteoporosis.

Since bouncing on a trampoline is a low impact exercise, it also means that kids’ developing bones and joints are being cushioned and protected while being strengthened, unlike in other high impact activities.

  1. Stimulates muscles, cells and organs

Besides boosting fitness, trampolining also improves digestion, blood circulation, stimulates internal organs, promotes lymphatic circulation and drainage and strengthens the immune system.

Helps with sleepless nights

Because it exercises the body and reduces stress and anxiety, rebounding can tackle many sleep issues. It can improve children’s sleep duration and quality. 

We all know that sleep and getting proper rest is such a critical aspect of overall mental and physical health, especially in developing children. Get your kids bouncing towards a better night’s rest!

Won’t break the bank

Once you’ve paid the initial price for a rebounder and the necessary accessories, there’s nothing left to spend on! You can get all the mental and physical benefits of exercise without paying for activity centres, sports classes or gym memberships. Our beautiful, colourful neon bungee is the perfect rebounder for kids. However, they will reap the same benefits from any of the other rebounders in our range!

If you're unsure which rebounder is the best for you, check out this video:

Furthermore, because rebounding has so many benefits, you’ll also save on future potential costs by avoiding potential health issues in advance. It really is an investment into your family's health. If your child is healthy and happy from the get go, you save on all the bills that potentially would be needed if they didn’t experience all the benefits of rebounding today.

With bounti Kids you’ll have a fun, convenient, beneficial and cost-effective activity at your own home!

Confidence boost

For kids who are wary of new things and physical activities, rebounding is a great way of building their confidence. This is especially helpful if your child is not competitive or if they’re uninterested in school sports activities. 

There is no right or wrong way to move on a rebounder (as long as the bouncing is safe), so the kids experience instant success, which increases their courage and self-confidence. 

It’s great for kids with special needs

Rebounding can also help children with autism, sensory issues and special needs to tackle their anxiety. This is because the rhythmic action of bouncing can be soothing and provide these children with a positive and healthy way to calm down after a stressful incident.

Rebounding is an amazing way to meet children’s sensory stimulation requirements because it gives them lots of movement. It can also be a great focused activity to do when the child may is feeling overstimulated elsewhere. In fact, rebounding is a fairly common method used in therapy for children who are on the autism spectrum or have sensory issues.