Beginner’s Programme 2.0


The Beginner’s Programme 2.0 includes:

  • 56 workouts, led by bounti founder, Lisa Raleigh (7 workouts per week for 8 weeks)
  • Workouts progress from 10 to 60 minutes over the 8-week period
  • Workouts are not downloadable, and streamed via our hosting platform
  • Authenticated access for 20 weeks, which is granted upon purchase

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Welcome to your rebounding journey! If you’re here, it means you’ve heard about rebounding – exercising on a mini-trampoline – and its phenomenal health and fitness benefits. At bounti, we’re incredibly passionate about helping others realise the best version of themselves through this life-changing, miracle modality. We’re thrilled to make rebounding accessible for all, with this bounti Beginner’s Programme.

This incredible 8-week Beginner’s Programme takes you on a progressive rebounding journey, from newbie to pro! It’s led by bounti’s founder, Lisa Raleigh, who teaches you all the basics; from how to stand on your rebounder correctly, as well as all the techniques of different moves.

Our Beginner’s Programme 2.0 is actually the second version of this programme, where we’ve upped the quality and enhanced the experience it presents to you. Although the key principles, focus and purpose of the programme remain the same, its 2.0 version includes an improved look and feel, as well as a proper sound, lighting and tech set-up! In this new-and-improved version of the programme, Lisa’s own level of rebounding skill and proficiency have improved significantly! Not only are you getting a better experience with this 2.0 programme itself, you’re also being taught and guided through a better quality of rebounding, learning the latest, most applicable techniques and moves. Please note that the first, 1.0 version of this programme is no longer available.

The programme covers all you need to start your rebounding journey, so you’ll not only feel more confident when you bounce, but you’ll also smash your health and fitness goals in just 8 weeks! Look and feel more amazing than ever. As Lisa always says; nothing feels as good as feeling good feels.

With this programme, you’ll get:

  • An introductory welcome video on what to expect from the entire programme as a whole
  • Introductory videos of what to expect during each week
  • Safety guidance, including advice on what to wear, bouncing with the correct footwear, and even the after-effects of rebounding!
  • Technique videos
  • An equipment breakdown
  • Guidance from Lisa as to what you should do after completing the programme

To complete this programme, you will need the following:

  • A rebounder
  • Decent Wi-Fi connection
  • A device on which to stream the workouts – choose a device that has a big enough screen!
  • Some exercise equipment – light dumbbells (0.5, 1 or 1.5kgs), Mini Pilates Ball, set of Mini Loop Resistance Bands, Long Resistance Band, exercise mat, fabric Booty Band, Weighted Bar (in a weight of your choice, but 2-3kgs recommended for beginners), Adjustable Ankle Weights
  • A sweat towel
  • A bottle of water – make sure you’re staying hydrated!
  • Earphones, headphones or a high-quality speaker for the best, most immersive sound experience
  • Ensure you’re wearing the correct gear, including high-quality athleisure and the correct footwear for rebounding

We know that starting your rebounding journey is often the hardest part, so we wish you a huge congratulations in making the commitment to take those difficult, first steps (or bounces – ha!). Be patient with yourself, stay consistent and progress slowly but surely. That’s a recipe for results!

The structure of this programme is as follows:

Week 1:

  • No equipment
  • Workouts range from 10 to 13 minutes

Week 2:

  • Light dumbbells needed
  • Workouts range from 15 to 20 minutes

Week 3:

  • Exercise mat, light dumbbells and mini-Pilates ball needed
  • Workouts range from 20 to 27 minutes

Week 4:

  • Long resistance band, mini-loop resistance band, mini-Pilates ball, light dumbbells and exercise mat needed
  • Workouts range from 26 to 29 minutes

Week 5:

  • Exercise mat, light dumbbells, long resistance band, mini loop resistance band, mini-Pilates ball and weighted bar needed
  • Workouts range from 30 to 41 minutes

Week 6:

  • Long resistance band, mini loop resistance band, light dumbbells, exercise mat, mini-Pilates ball, weighted bar and ankle weights needed
  • Workouts range from 42 to 49 minutes

Week 7:

  • Fabric booty band, long resistance band, mini loop resistance band, light dumbbells, exercise mat, mini-Pilates ball, weighted bar and ankle weights needed
  • Workouts range from 50 to 59 minutes

Week 8:

  • All equipment from previous weeks needed
  • All workouts are 60 minutes