bounti BODY Programme


Rebounding for TEENAGERS : the bounti BODY Programme

  • bounti BODY is a progressive 8-week programme.
  • 16 weeks of online streaming access from date of purchase.
  • Designed to get teenagers, aged 13 to 18, up and active again!
  • Latest trendy music (without the offensive language).
  • Beautifully curated and contains all rebounding introductory elements.
  • See the screen recording glimpse of the Programme below.
  • A MUST-READ BLOG post that'll give you the background and context of this incredible programme.
  • Our family speaking about rebounding & this programme HERE.

In this programme, qualified bounti instructor, Cait, is your host throughout the 8-weeks and she will ensure your familiar and comfortable with rebounding. You will start rebounding for 15 minutes a day during the first week (5 routines availed per week). The bounti BODY Programme is progressive; workouts gradually become longer and more challenging, incorporating minimal equipment, including:

By the end of the 8 weeks, you should be able to do a full, 45-minute rebounding session. Cait also ends every bounti BODY session with a set of powerful affirmations that’s sure to leave you feeling motivated, confident and empowered. How cool?

Watch a short video on our bounti BODY programme here
Watch a video on Cait introducing the programme here

As a teenager, why is bounti BODY for you?

Teenagers are often misunderstood, with so many failing to empathise with the physical and psychological intricacies that are specific to your adolescent phase of life. Teens naturally have a more fragile self-esteem and heightened sense of self-awareness as their bodies undergo so many developmental changes.

This self-consciousness is heightened by the ever-growing rise of social media – depression, anxiety and eating disorders are increasingly rife problems in the teenaged generation. Because you guys spend so much time online, your lack of physical activity is also an ever-growing concern.

There are lots of teens out there who struggle to find an exercise modality that they enjoy, especially if they aren’t sporty or competitive at school. While this is the case, it's so important for all of us to stay fit, healthy and active! Luckily, rebounding enables you teens to exercise from the comfort and privacy of your own bedrooms.

One of the benefits of rebounding is that it improves your self-esteem, and alleviates the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, so you should feel more confident, and an improvement in your mental wellbeing, as a result of bouncing regularly.

Rebounding really has so many benefits, all while being so much fun and so versatile! It enables teens to get their strength training and cardiovascular exercise in, all while toning and upping their fitness levels. Let’s get you youth of today up, happy and bouncing with bounti BODY!

Here is the family chat with our kids as the launch video for bounti BODY.

WATCH: Screen recording of the bounti BODY Programme