Rebounder Orientation Pack


Wondering where to start on your rebounding journey? Well, with our bounti Rebounder Orientation Pack, you now get all the guidance, advice and know-how in getting started and comfortable on your rebounder.

This Orientation Pack includes: 

  • An Introductory Guide
  • A Rebounder Safety Guide
  • A “Where Do I Begin?” Synopsis
  • Rebounding Accessories Advice
  • A “Working at Your Desk” Rebounding Guide
  • “What to Expect After Workout” Advice
  • bounti Workouts, including:
    • An introductory beginner’s workout
    • 5-minute workout
    • 10-minute workout
    • 15-minute workout
    • 20-minute workout
    • 30-minute workout
  • A “Where to From Now?” game plan, which introduces you to our newbie-friendly 4-week Foundation Programme and our 8-week Beginner’s Programme

Please note, this Orientation Pack is NOT intended as a programme, but rather a sneak-peak in getting familiar and comfortable with your rebounder. Gain your 12 weeks of access upon purchase, and use it as a cost-effective indicator to establish where you’re at in terms of your fitness and rebounding proficiency!

From here, we recommended that you progress either to our Foundation Programme or Beginner’s Programme, which are much more detailed and comprehensive in building your rebounding skill. Watch this video, where the differences between these 2 programmes are clearly explained.

To us, bounti is not just a brand, but a family who supports you, guides you and cheers you along! We want to see you succeed, progress and achieve all of your dream goals, as you embark on your rebounding journey.

This Orientation Pack is our gift to all of you who are taking those brave first steps… We’ve got you, and you’ve got this!

Click HERE to view a screen recording, which shows all you can expect, and what you get in this Orientation Pack.

To find out more about how to get started, and your complete rebounding journey – from beginner all the way to pro – read our detailed blog post HERE.