Bethany Masie, 20, is an English psychology student and discovered rebounding in matric. It helped her cope with exam stress, sleep better and lose weight. She’s hooked!

"Before I found rebounding, exercise was always daunting for me. Working out in a public gym or even in PE class as an overweight person in school had always been a humiliating experience for me. But with my own rebounder, I found comfort in the fact that I could exercise and figure out what works for me in the privacy of my own room.

With bounti's online rebounding workouts, I could go at my own pace and learn without any judgement.

Bethany's rebounding journey

I started rebounding during my mid-year matric exams to help me cope with my extremely high stress levels. It gave me, not only a daily release of endorphins, but also a better night’s sleep and cleared up my skin.

Not to mention how enjoyable it was! I got to listen to my own music, and it gave me a huge confidence boost. When I first started, I bounced slowly, and progressed gradually as I wasn’t used to regular exercise. I wasn’t on any sports teams at school, and had never been to the gym for more than two weeks at a time before giving up. I was so unfit, however, the privacy of having my own rebounder, allowed me to change this without feeling self-conscious.

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Bethany Masie with her friend at a party

(Bethany with her friend on a night out) 


Bethany with her sister Amber

(Bethany in denim jacket, with her younger sister, Amber)

I started out with 30 minutes of rebounding a day, with many breaks in between, to improve my coordination, balance and get used to the feeling of bouncing. With more practice I was able to do a full hour, and to my surprise, I started enjoying exercise! The reason I stuck with rebounding and still enjoy it to this day is all the benefits I’ve experienced. Nothing clears my mind, reduces my stress and improves my mood better than a good workout. I find another huge motivator is a good workout playlist

I’ve been rebounding for just over two years now, with a combination of at-home workouts and attending bounti classes, and have lost quite a bit of weight. I’ve always eaten somewhat healthily, but introducing rebounding has definitely been the reason for the kilo’s dropping off. Although I prefer not to weigh myself, my clothes are considerably looser, and my own self-image has improved drastically. I now rebound at least five times a week and am an overall much happier, much healthier, person because of it. I can’t imagine my life without it! Thank you, Lisa!"

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