We all have exercise excuses we’re often unaware of. We put the alarm clock on snooze, or simply don’t make the time to fit in that exercise class. But what if I told you that for all the common exercise excuses out there, I have a bunch of solutions…

Firstly, if you try rebounding, I can almost guarantee that exercise excuses will be a thing of the past. It really is one of the most effective exercises you can do to tone up and lose weight, from anywhere at any time.

Exercise excuse 1: I'm too tired

The feeling of impending doom is sometimes all too real when anticipating your gym session at the end of the day. A lack of sleep, lack of exercise and lack of nutritious foods can also add exhaustion to a busy schedule

What to do about it:

  • Make the commitment. Sometimes running errands and grocery shopping is tiring too, but you still go - and it's often not as bad as you think. Exercise needs to rank high on your list of priorities.
  • You'll never regret a workout, unless you’re feeling unwell. But generally, it gives you a guaranteed good feeling once you’re done.
  • Just show up. If the thought of a really tough or intense workout is putting you off, just make it your goal to arrive – doing half the workout well, versus your whole session is still better than nothing. Once you’ve started, you can decide how much you’re up for, and chances are your energy levels will pick up and you’ll forget you were tired!
  • Try low impact exercise. It helps to energise and oxygenate the body as well as regulate circadianrhythms, which can improve your quality of sleep.

Rebounding is particularly effective for this as it stimulates detoxification and lymphatic flow, leaving you feeling energised and upbeat after each workout!

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Exercise excuse 2: I don't have time 

Between kids, demanding schedules and meeting work deadlines, it really can feel like there’s simply no time for exercise. But I’m here to tell you otherwise!

What to do about it: 

  • Make a choice and prioritise exercise. It needs to be one of your non-negotiables like brushing your teeth. Our bodies are designed to move and exercise helps us to feel more energised, to build strength and stay healthy. Remember why you need to do it when you’re tempted to skip!
  • Add ‘buffer’ time into your busy schedule. If you have a daily to-do list, underestimate yourself rather than overestimate, and make that list shorter. Pencil in ‘buffering’ time around your other activities, to factor in emergencies, complications or unplanned events. That way your commitments for the day will stay safe, and you won’t have to forego any of them – exercise included.
  • Commit to 20 minutes. You can torch serious calories in just 20 minutes of exercise if you’re prepared to get intense. And anybody can make time for 20 minutes, right? Rebounding is also one of the most time-effiecient exercises you can do because it's both cardio and weight-bearing in one, plus it works all your major muscle groups as you defy gravity. 
  • Set yourself up for success. You can do this by making an effort to prepare ahead for the next day. A 20-minute session of meal-planning and putting out gym clothes the night before is often all it takes to make your morning run smoother.
  • Make at least one activity on the weekend fitness based, or better yet, two activities.. so that by the time the new week strarts, you're a step ahead with your training. 
  • Train at home, so you save time on travelling time to the gym, etc.

Exercise excuse 3: It's too expensive

Most people associate exercise with two things – gym contracts and personal trainers. And both of those can be pricey. But that isn’t the only way to exercise.

What to do about it:

  • Train at home. If you're looking to build strength, get fit and burn the maximum amount of calories, in a short space of time, then try bounti's downloadable workouts that you can do from home. I promise you won't look back. 

Exercise excuse 4: I don't know how to exercise properly

Exercise feels like a big time waster when you’re not sure how to perform specific moves or even which exercises to do in the first place. Gyms can often feel intimidating for this very reason.

What to do about it:

  • Attend fitness classes online or at the gym: the trainers are in charge of keeping you in check.
  • Try the bounti Beginners Programme if you're looking to learn the absolute basics of how to rebound. This programme will take you from being an absolute beginner, and improve your rebounding skills over a gradual time period - until you're a pro!
  • Exercise with an informed friend. Shadowing someone who knows what they’re doing gives you a good guideline of what to do and how to use specific machines.
  • Follow fitness DVDs and YouTube tutorials – any information provided by a professional will help. Watch my Technique Queen series on YouTube, where I teach you how to do basic, fundamental exercise moves.
  • If in doubt, ask! Nowadays, fitness trainers are always available via email or through social media platforms to answer questions. 
  • Ask a physiotherapist or biokineticist for help if you're not sure how to perform certain moves, and you're concerned about possible injuries. 

Exercise excuse 5: I don't see results quick enough

The truth is, quick fixes such as extreme exercise plans or fad diets, seldom work. I always say there’s no magic formula when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight and feeling your best. The trick is to accept this and find something you enjoy so it doesn’t feel like hard work, but rather slots into your lifestyle. 

What to do about it:

  • Choose a better reason for being fit: health, energy and happiness are stronger reinforcements than simply looking in the mirror, especially when visual results take time.
  • Be patient. True healthy habits are a slow burn; energy will creep up slowly, kilos will drop off slowly. Don’t expect immediate results.
  • Take a selfie – it’s true! Photo evidence really is the best way to measure your success, especially when it’s slow.
  • Make sure you set an achievable goal and know how to achieve it. Ask a fitness friend what type of exercise you need to be doing to get the look you want. This will prevent you wasting time on moves that don’t earn results.

Exercise excuse 6: I'm too old and/or unfit to exercise

With arthritis, potential osteoporosis and brittle bones often getting the better of us, it’s easy to think that exercise will only do further damage or aggravate pain. Plus, many of us have old injuries from school sports that tend to flare up later.

What to do about it:

  • Remember that exercise is the number one preventative against a myriad of illnesses and ailments. It's a form of defense you can’t afford to neglect.
  • Stiffness and soreness is normal after a few initial sessions, you need to push through for a few weeks to really feel the benefits and even alleviate pain. 
  • With ageing comes a loss of muscle mass, and bone density is affected as a result. Exercise is crucial if you want to build strong bones and muscle strength, while improving posture. Moderate exercise also helps to improve range of motion and balance while preventing falls. Rebounding is one of the best, low impact exercises you can do while recovering from any ailment or injury. It’s also a suitable postnatal exercise. In fact, rebounding is the one exercise modality that helped me lose weight and tone up after having Bella.
  • Try our Foundation Programme - it's specifically designed to gradually improve your rebounding fitness by teaching you the absolute basics. It's perfect for older people, those recovering from injury or illness, those suffering from an autoimmune disease or those who are very unfit and a bit intimidated by the beginners programme. Plus, rebounding is amazing for alleviating pain, strengthening muscle and bone and weight loss!

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